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I'm Fantastic


I, James Sirius Potter, of sound mind and body, give permission for my brother, Albus Severus Potter, to date the Yearling girl with the cake throwing fetish.

Really Al, you've got some odd tastes in girls, but she seemed humorous enough--for a Slytherin. A bit off, if you ask me, but aren't we all?

Had a bit of a party in the kitchens last night. House elves, one sided food fighting, butterbeer. Much fun had by all, really. We had to take the long way back, but there's nothing wrong with the scenic route.

Rest assured, there are bigger plans and better pranks in the making!


...James... I.. for the.. WE AREN'T DATING!
Of course you aren't. Yet. Al needed my approval first! Aren't you pleased?
Pleased? Are you soddin' mad James? I don't want to date your brother! I like Al, but honestly we just met!

Why are you so gung-ho on us dating?
Don't want to date him? Why not? Is he not Slytherin enough for you? I knew he should have been in Gryffindor! Even hats make mistakes, eh?

Oscar's been studying up on that privacy charm, so I've got nothing better to do.
Not Slytherin enough? This has nothing to do with Al! He's a perfectly nice boy but we're friends, James. Friends.

But to be honest I do think the hat can make mistakes.

Oscar? Is he the red haired boy I've seen around you a few times in the hallway? ....You know I can do Privacy charms.
I know, I know. No need to thank me.
James.. what the bloody hell are you talking about? Dating? PERMISSION?

Ally and I aren't dating! And I sure as hell don't need your permission for anything!
Aa, young love.

Denial is very unbecoming of you, Albus.
I didn't read a single thing. :)

Knew I could count on you, Teddy! Given anyone detention yet?
Actually, I'm attempting to lure everyone into a false sense of security with before handing any of them out. In all likeliness, you're most likely to be the first. :P You will want to keep up your record from last year, I presume?
First on the list! Should I be honored or plotting revenge? It was a rather impressive record. Bet I could beat it though!
Definitely honored. Go easy on me, I've barely been a professor for a week! The poor chap who recommended me for the job is still traumatized from what you did to him.

I'd like to see you beat your grandfather's second year record. Hm, then again, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself; James Junior may be good, but not Marauder good. You've still got a long way to go, I'd imagine. ;)
James, as soon as you professed sound mind I knew something was wrong. The Yearling girl, indeed.