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Weird Bloke

Food Fights Should Not Involve Chocolate

There's this weird guy in Slytherin named that I call Frenchy. It's really odd, but he's actually decent enough if he's not strangling me or going all around nutters. Weird for a Slytherin. Not the strangling and nutters bit, that's pretty common. That he's not bad. I guess there's a few good Slytherin. Maybe they just got sorted wrong like Al. Still, I don't want to go advertising me making friends being around them all that much. Al would have a hissy fit if I up and got a Slytherin friend person to hang around with after I messed with him about the sorting.

He's going to train me up a bit so I'll be even BETTER at Quidditch than I already am. Hard to imgagine, isn't it? I might even get to do flips and stuff on my broom! In return I'm gonna teach him a little magic appreciation, James style. He's never even been to the Forbidden Forest! That's definitely gonna change. I don't think I'll show him the map yet though. Haven't even shown Oscar that yet.

He wants to go into the Muggle military. Like I said, a few twigs short of a broomstick, he is.

Oscar's a fruit bowl wearing prat, and I hope Teddy sang until he puked.

But we still get to use your room for "studying" and all that, right Teddy?


Private to James (if you break this charm you'll regret it, I promise~)

What map haven't you shown me yet? ^_^

Re: Private to James (if you break this charm you'll regret it, I promise~)

I told you I wanted to show you something, didn't I?



Private to James

Alright, look here, James Sirius Potter. I'm family. I better get some looks at...whatever "map" you've got your hands on before that boy does.


Re: Private to James

Then FAMILY shouldn't be breaking other FAMILY members' BLOODY PRIVACY CHARMS! I shouldn't show it to either of you now just for that!