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Aug. 21st, 2007

Daring and Shit

I Choose Not to Title This (I am such a rebel!)

Between detentions for the little romp in the forest and me trying to burn maim destroy misplace get this thing eaten by plants find my dear, darling journal, I've been one busy Potter. UnFortunately my journal is back to me. It tasted terrible. Reparo works wonders.

Alas! To be as mischievous as one such as I is a difficult task, but I assure all of you, my fans, I will pull through with flying colors. And those colors are red and gold. It was worth the few extra detentions to accidentally burn some catnip during Potions so all of the castle's cats would come running. How was I supposed to know the Professor was allergic? Hilarity ensued, I promise, to all those who missed the sneezing and wheezing and all around fun.

Anyone up for a bit of fun? You're all so bloody quiet it makes me think some of you are actually STUDYING. What is this, a school?

((OOC: My excuse for not being here the past week is that I've been in Canada. :D I am no longer in Canada, and James is no longer in limbo. LET THE PRANKS COMMENCE.))

Aug. 13th, 2007

Weird Bloke

Food Fights Should Not Involve Chocolate

Private, Do Not Enter, Beware, Guarded By Three Headed Dogs, Trolls, and Dragons, Go Away, Bugger OffCollapse )

Oscar's a fruit bowl wearing prat, and I hope Teddy sang until he puked.

But we still get to use your room for "studying" and all that, right Teddy?

Aug. 5th, 2007

I'm Fantastic


I, James Sirius Potter, of sound mind and body, give permission for my brother, Albus Severus Potter, to date the Yearling girl with the cake throwing fetish.

Really Al, you've got some odd tastes in girls, but she seemed humorous enough--for a Slytherin. A bit off, if you ask me, but aren't we all?

Had a bit of a party in the kitchens last night. House elves, one sided food fighting, butterbeer. Much fun had by all, really. We had to take the long way back, but there's nothing wrong with the scenic route.

Rest assured, there are bigger plans and better pranks in the making!

Aug. 2nd, 2007



If we don't already have enough ruddy homework as it is, we've got this journal thing going now.  It's bound to be good for something or other.
To top it all off I've got a snake for a brother!  Can't say I'm much surprised, but since I'm such a good big brother I'll let him in with us Gryffindors.  The kid needs to make some good friends anyway.  You never know with those Slytherin types, but I guess Al isn't THAT bad.  Nothing a few puking pastilles won't help get out, eh? 

Don't want to ramble on like some git, so like dear cousin Oscar said, hello firsties!  And Oscar?  We've got some planning to do!  I've got just the thing to make this year even better than last.  Just wait til you see it!