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If we don't already have enough ruddy homework as it is, we've got this journal thing going now.  It's bound to be good for something or other.
To top it all off I've got a snake for a brother!  Can't say I'm much surprised, but since I'm such a good big brother I'll let him in with us Gryffindors.  The kid needs to make some good friends anyway.  You never know with those Slytherin types, but I guess Al isn't THAT bad.  Nothing a few puking pastilles won't help get out, eh? 

Don't want to ramble on like some git, so like dear cousin Oscar said, hello firsties!  And Oscar?  We've got some planning to do!  I've got just the thing to make this year even better than last.  Just wait til you see it!



Or just trot across the dorm and SHOW me - this journal thing is so weird -_-*
Not until we figure out those privacy charms! I thought we already cleared all that up. Who's the nitwit now? XP

Why do I gotta get up? You should come over here.
I'm never a nitwit. I suggested an alternative, didn't I?

Because I'm comfortable!
You being comfortable does not mean that I am any less comfortable where I am. If you want to see it so bad, come over here! Lazy ass.
And you aren't interested in what I've got from Dad's shop? Or did you forget he lets me pick through his new stuff before it even hits the shelves?
Did I ever tell you that you're my favorite cousin, Oscar? ♥
Is it a good haul?
Speaking as a Slytherin, what's so wrong with us?
Nothing, on your lonesome. But get you all grouped together and foul things're bound to start happening. It's the same with Gryffindors, except that instead of foul things, we just do bloody stupid things. But some of you are alright.
wel, for what it's worth, I don't plan on doing any foul things. So I guess I'm one of the alright ones.
I'll keep that in mind ;)
Nothing, of course. Except, you know, the whole evil, back stabbing, sneaky thing you lot have going for you. But hey, if Al's in with you guys then I guess you can't be but SO bad. Wanna prove me wrong? ;D
I'm not evil or backstabbing. That I know of, anyway.

Besides, I like our colors better than yours =P
Hey, hey! That's a low blow, but I'll forgive you since you must be color blind and all.
Maybe I'm not the one that's color blind. Food for thought, huh? =P
Ooh, feisty! But shouldn't all the little firsties be in bed? Run along!
Oh thank you, James, whatever will I do without you? :P
I dunno, Al. I expect you'd shrivel up in a corner and wish you had a brother as awesome as you do. ;D Having fun slithering about?
I think it'd be a little more enjoyable if your friends stopped shooting my House mates death glares.
Death glares? Rubbish! They're just sizing up the competition for the next Quidditch match! Not that the Slytherin team is much of a threat for the cup.
Al, you darling boy, estranged cousin of yon! Be a pal and tell us the Slytherin password. won't you?
No thanks, Oscar, I'm trying to actually make friends here. :P
How about a hint for your dear, lovable, handsome brother?
Funny, I didn't realize I had another brother.
Simply charming. Really Al, don't have a HISSY fit.
You don't need new friends! You've got us! D: